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Thread: Vendramini Boots

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    Vendramini Boots

    Anyone ever here of these boots before? Personal reviews would be great. Looking at other boots..... Oxtar and Sidi have great info on them. I need boots that not only offer protection, but comfortable to walk in. I have very flat feet.



    PS Just got my first bike in 12 years. 2002 BMw R1150RT and loving it. Taking a trip to NC in Sept. Any suggestions?
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    I have tried many boots. I like to ride and then go hiking so I haven't found many boots that keep my feet dry, are good for long rides and I can hike long distances. A year or two ago I called New Enough and asked for thier input. They sold me a Prexport boot that has velcrow and more importantly laces to snug the boot for walking. These boots are wonderful, not expensive. BTW I don't think New Enough carries them any longer.

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    I love mine. Roadrace style but classic black . NOT waterproof. More later if you're intrrested. Have to get on a plane.

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