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Thread: BMW Nav II Plus Question

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    BMW Nav II Plus Question

    I put my nav in my tankbag, and it must have brushed up against some velcro on one of my things in the bag - and now I have little scratches on the surface of the screen. Looks like the tinting got damaged a bit. Anyone know if there is some type of tint I can use to touch this up?? it's very minor, but as it's right in my face quite obvious.


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    Just curious did you check out the Garmin FAQ's by chance? Or call the hotline or e-mail support? I have more luck with the e-mail support than I do with phone this time of year.

    For future I take the sun visor off and place the top side against the front of the unit and then the sides that have the velcro on secure to the sides of the unit. It really protects against that damage when carrying on on the planes etc (after yesterday...used to carry on the

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