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Thread: Saeng Quick Scans

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    Saeng Quick Scans

    I did a search and didn't come up with anything. Has anyone tried these?

    Was running in to Coeur d' Alene, ID. today and was wondering why everyone I was meeting was pulling over. Well, there was a County Mountie behind me with his lights on, for crying out loud! I didn't see him until he started to pass. These darn mirrors on my K1100LT are out of my line of sight AND I can't see directly behind me, although I can see the lanes along side of me well. The Saeng mirrors mount up high in my line of sight but I thought I would get some opinions before I plunk down the $85.00. Anyone?

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    Saeng Mirrors

    Cannot vouch for how they will work on your bike but I have used them for years on R 100s, K-75, and now on a R 1150R. They are not too great on a long view to the rear but are priceless on being able to see in the blind zone--side view and close rear--. I would not ride without them in heavy traffic especially with a full face helmet that limits peripheral vision.

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    Thanks for the response, Tom. They are in the highly recommended area of their site for the K1100LT, for whatever that's worth. I don't move the windshield all that often so they should work.

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    Harley mirrors

    When I load my RT for camping and strap a duffel across the top of the side cases, I can't see out the low mirrors.

    I use the long-stalk mirrors from my Harley mounted in the perfectly sized holes that are next to my grips. I put one of them on for this photo, but use 2 when on a camping trip. The stalks are ~10" long.

    You can buy a pair for $20 at a Harley swap meet.
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    Nice one Sully! That's what I should have done with a K100RT I used to have. Its' mirrors made great hand-fairings but all I could see in them was my hands and forearms (all the time, not just with cargo).
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    You can also mount GS mirrors on the RT, same price on a flea market.

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    [QUOTE=MysticRed]I did a search and didn't come up with anything. Has anyone tried these?

    I have had a couple of these mounted on the windshield of my RT for the last couple years. Work great for a quick check before lane change in all windchield positiions.

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    I second the use of GS mirrors on the RT and also the LT. I used the mirrors on both bikes and really liked that set up a lot.
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