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Thread: Need advice on Tents

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    Quote Originally Posted by Boxerkuh
    Buy unsale at the end of the season... you can save a lot of money!!!
    I'm waiting until the first week in September, at which point I'm hoping for an end of the season sale. All my luck, the sale will start a week after I need it. Oh well, c'est la vie.
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    Clips are Quicker

    I think that a clip tent is much easier to set up, especially in the dark.

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    stephenson tents:lightest, biggest than all others

    even though it seems late for this discussion, here's another recommendation. bill stephenson's "warmlite" tents in new hampshire are the LIGHTEST, SMARTEST, simplest, roomiest 2, 3, and 5 person tents you can buy. plus, you can customize them with features that i guarantee you will appreciate. what you get for a similar more common tent (rei included) you get a tent far lighter and smaller. his little family company does not advertise and is very small. his products are nowhere to be seen in mainstream outdoor press but if you ask some of the most knowledgeable people in backpacking/climbing stores, rei included, you find that thats what they use. at one time, almost every OWNER of those stores had stephensons. they didn't sell them because their attitude was (as i was told) that the general public wouldn't take care of them (trust me, it's not hard) or believe that unless a tent had certain features, they wouldn't work (even though what they, the public, believed wasn't true. etc etc. the owners of these stores had remarkably lightweight, small, SMART stephenson tents while they sold dumbed down brands! bill stephenson is an eccentric ex aeronautical engineer who apparently did well enough to quit his rat race to move to the new hampshire woods to start a small, VERY eccentrically brilliant outdoor company. i once called him to ask for a replacement tent pole sleeve that broke on mt kenya in africa and he yelled at me for not taking care of the equipment! (for temporary repair, i used a small swiss army knife to cut a temporary sleeve from a found tin can and a bit of duct tape.) at first i was a bit offended because i hadn't abused it, but then realized that his brilliant product was worth an unusual customer service moment. hope this adds a worthwhile two cents. david
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