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Thread: 1200C newbie needs bags, guards, and Seat

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    1200C newbie needs bags, guards, and Seat

    Hi all - JUST joined - go easy on me. Is there a place (that people actually will see) to post a need for accessories? I have a '98 R1200C. I want a few things;
    1) Dual person seat (not the stock one - too small).
    2) Oversized Bags
    3) Engine Guards and/or foot pegs (advice as to either for long rides)

    Thanks all!

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    Actually the appropriate place is on the main web page.

    There is a new feature to post for sale, wanted, etc.

    Thanks for asking
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    It kept crashing!

    I wanted to post "wanted" ads with images but the site kept saying "try later" when I'd post the photo - I'll try again tomorrow - but thanks

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    If you are still having problems, let us know. Or e-mail the webmaster

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    The Chromeheads forum has a fast and furious R1200C marketplace. Shop quickly and often!
    Chromeheads Marketplace Link

    Link to Engine guard topics for your review

    Link to Footpegs and floorboards and similar topics for your review

    I love my Kuryakyn pegs on my R1200C:

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