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Thread: Sucess in Vermont !

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    Joe Taffuri
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    Sucess in Vermont !

    I would like to personally thank all who helped put on this tremondous Rally,all the Rally staff,volunteers etc. The Rally Grounds were an A+ cept for the camping, but I was not there for a great camp spot. The Entertainment was A++++++ seeing all those bands I used to listen to when I was a young buck. Commander Cody,Bromberg and his Angels especially Smiley,you know who I mean. It was cool seeing Mike with his questionable smeer anouncing the entertainment as they would come on stage. As a ten + year Moa member every year just seems to top the last one .This one ranks right up there with the Trenton Rally.
    The people of Vermont were the most nicest, positive people I ever did meet especially when I would stop at a rest stop,or when we were parked in the road in the city of Burlington someone really nice would come over and offer some advice about something,roads,restaurants or just plain want to learn about BMW's.
    Just a thought for the staff to concider: For the rally campers more Porta Pottys ,either that or less beer. Especially now that there are more Women attendies.
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