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Thread: Vermont MOA vendors...

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    Vermont MOA vendors...


    I am trying to find a vendor that was in the convention center at the MOA Vermont rally. I don't recall the name of the dealer. He was right across from the RevIt booth. He sold alot of Arai and Schuberth helmets, he also was a dealer for powerlet. For more clarification he had some Oxtar Infinity's out on the table.

    He told me he could get Schuberth concept 1 cheek pads to down size a large to a medium. I can't find his card anymore. Thanks for the help.


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    This is probably the guy you want. The only one I remember selling Schuberth helmets at the rally:

    Joseph Harris
    Motorcycle Rider Supply, Inc.
    31192 Bycroft Rd.
    Farmington Hills, MI 48331

    Michael Cohen

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