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Thread: Tobinators for the R1150GS

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    Tobinators for the R1150GS

    I work my ass off all week and then on the weekends, fishwife has me working off what's left of my ass around the house. First thing this morning, it was off to get a load of firewood (yes, a quarter cord of almond wood fits nicely in the back of a Jeep Grand Cherokee ), and after a light lunch, I was instructed to get moving and install those "silly things that came in the package from the UK." What drudgery...having to work on my GS, and spend a couple of hours riding around to get them adjusted. Whatever happened to plopping down in a comfy chair, drinking beer, and watching a football game? Ah well, duty calls.

    One of the best parts of installing Tobinators is using a Dremel tool

    You can see that Tobinators raise the screen up significantly, which opens up the air space between above the "number plate". That makes a lot of difference in smoothing the airflow.

    I didn't try to use all the possible adjustment range...and there is a lot of it. I started at the suggested position, and massaged it from there.

    Very small changes, especially to the rear riser, make significant differences in the airflow. Add to that the extra adjustment capability of the MRA varioscreen, and it's possible to dramatically improve the noise and turbulence associated with the GS.

    I could have spent another couple of hours dicking with it, but I had to get home to my SNPA.

    Bottom line: The additional adjustment range that Tobinators give to the stock GS screen makes them a worthy investment. If you are happy with your wind screen the way it is, then don't bother, but if you hate noise and turbulence, the Tobinators are a good way to go. I'm not aware of anything else on the market that competes in this space. Well done, Tobers
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    Fish -- nice write up. Nice beer, too. My FAVE!

    I've been looking at this product for quite some time.

    I notice that you keep your shield positioned much as I do... leaned way back. Does the air flow break at about your shoulders with the shield positioned as you show it in your pics?

    Can you tell me how stable this set-up is when riding on gravel/bumpy roads?

    Do you feel that the product will stand up to contant vibes of rough road riding?

    Can I bum a beer off you?


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    But, Fish, aren't you one of those people that made fun of the looks of the pope mobile? Is this combo really any better?
    (serious question) I hate to admit that the looks put me off, but with the screen propped up like that, it reminds me of an old school trucker's baseball cap (not a good thing).

    Please post some pics showing the entire bike.

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