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    Olympia Moto Sports

    I'm new to touring and just bought my Lt in April. I figured that the Vermont Rally would be a great place to find out what all this BMW touring was all about.
    I wanted some riding gear for the long trip (long for me).
    My wife made a call to OMS to order a full set up for me (I was at work). She talked to the owner Kevin and he said I should wait until the rally so I could try everything on and not have to pay shipping if it was the wrong size etc. That made me like them right from the get go. I had my Joe rocket jacket to wear up there.

    When I got to the rally the OMS set up was one of my first stops and I delt with Karilea (Kevins wife). I even got to meet their neighbors. She was so helpful and got me all set up with the Airglide2 jacket and pants.
    I even got a comment from a Kawi rider on the ferry from VT to NY that BMW riders tend to be the best dressed bunch of riders.

    I got to use every bit of that riding gear on my trip home. I left the rally Saturday morning to visit my grandparents in NH. It was cold so I put the jacket liner in and was comfy. Left NH Saturday afternoon and rode 4 hours in the pouring rain to New York. Stayed dry and warm once I pulled over and put the liner in the pants.

    Rode home from NY to VA Sunday started off in rain then got warm in NJ. I only took out the jacket liner (easier to put back in in short notice for rain) left the pant liner in. Rode all the way to Virginia Beach Va in the heat with the liner in the pants and was not uncomfortable.

    I love this gear! It looks great, fits great works great. GREAT PRICE! Couldn't ask for better people to deal with. Thanks Kevin and Karilea!

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    I bought the Olympia AST jacket back in June. I find it very comfortable. The vents are excellent and keep me reasonably cool even into 90 degree weather. However on my way back from the Rally I got a little wet on my stomach. I sent them an email. I was wondering if its because I ride the R11S and the jacket bunches up a little at the bottom. Plus I have a big belly which increases the bunching. 3 days later the owner called me personally and said he has never had a jacket leak. He was very concerned. He went over with me to make sure I was closing the double flap properly. He spent about 15 minutes on the phoen with me. I havent been out in the rain again since then but that is excellent customer service!!

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    Yeah, I have the goodyear problem too. I just leave the side adjustments straps real loose. My chest didn't get wet (actually nothing did) but I'm sure my windshield helped. Although it was raining so hard I think the rain was bouncing off the road and hitting me in the chin
    If you want to know if your new jacket leaks, I'm sure your wife would be happy to put the hose on you. That's how I test my tent.

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