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Thread: The real armour

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    The real armour

    I know that most BMW riders wear appropiate riding gear.

    Do any of you wear the armour that looks like it came off of the prop shop of the movie "Gladiator"? This would be the gear that racers wear. It is, in effect, donning an exoskeleton.

    Just curious.
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    I wear the ICON chest and back protector and knee and shin guards, Bohn summer shorts with hip and thigh protection. My BMW jacket has shoulder and elbow forearm armor. In cooler weather I wear a ballistic (bullet proof) vest. Plus of course helmet and racing gloves.

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    Hmmm. . . still seem to see plenty of BMW riders in shorts! My fallback option is always the 'Stich, with its built in armor, but in the summer (like in this heat wave), I'm wearing a mesh Joe Rocket jacket and pants over jeans and a tank top. I'd always ridden the summer in just a tank top and jeans, until I had a tire unseat at about 85 mph- the most exciting ride I ever hope to have in a straight line. I can't bear to part with a pair of bespoke leather pants that Tunstall Leathers made for me 20 years ago in burgundy plange; even though they have no armor, they have bent knees, accordion stretch panel on the back, high waist, and they're still gorgeous and soft. Held gloves and soft Dainese boots on the street, fully armored Alpinestar gloves and Frey Daytona Evo Sport boots on the track with the IXS Motegi suit.

    Guess I should stop there. . . there's a 35-year accumulation of riding gear around here!

    And when they ask you, "Aren't you hot in those leathers?", you of course, reply, "I'm even hotter out of them!"
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    In the summer, I wear my Rev'It mesh jacket, which has armor in the shoulders and elbows. Good hard plastic "Knox" stuff. I'm looking at picking up a new winter jacket, and I won't consider buying a jacket without good armor in it. In the case of an "event", I'm sure my elbows/shoulders will thank me.

    As for the pants, I'm wearing the Firstgear HT Air 2.0 overpants. No hard armor, but I DID upgrade the hip padding to something a little more substantial. They flow air pretty nicely, as well.

    I was looking at picking up a "BMW back protector 2" but I'm not sure if that's going overboard, aside from the longer rides, maybe. The Rev'It jacket already has SOME back protection, and it already takes a few minutes for me to get everything put on. Considering I ride to work and home for lunch every day, that's a fair amount of time over the 4 trips. Still, I like my spine...

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    The only people wearing the exoskeleton armor are off road rides I would bet. There is street gear that offers excellent protection for the conditions encountered on the street.
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    knights wore flip face helmets, and i don't know if i trust them at highway speeds.

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    1. Aerostich has a back protector available to velcro into 'stich jackets. Very unobtrusive, but adds some protection.

    2. Based on motorcycle accident studies in Europe, the primary impact points on a helmet are the left and right jaw/cheek areas.

    3. A "flip front" helmet is about as good as the latch mechanism. One reason I like my old Nolan N100 is the steel latches.

    4. From conversations with a fellow who crashed and broke his jaw (explained through the wires) it's very important to have impact padding in front of your lower jaw. He suggests a minimum distance of "two fingers" between helmet liner and teeth.

    5. The absolutely best injury protection is what's worn between your ears. Avoiding an accident is ever so much better than trying to survive one.


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    Quote Originally Posted by username
    knights wore flip face helmets, and i don't know if i trust them at highway speeds.
    What don't you trust, knights or flip front helmets????

    I've had a flip front ever since the BMW system helmets first came out. I've had them up to highway speeds more than a few times. No problems at all.

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