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Thread: Incidents?

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    Perhaps I wasn't paying attention, but I don't recall hearing of ANY major incidents/accidents during the rally.

    Did we really pull that off with over 9000 in attendence?

    Tom Steele
    Montgomery Village, MD

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    I was made aware of six accidents during the rally none of which required medical transport.

    There was one back injury and one episode of cardiac issues on site both of which required transports.

    Other than that I am very happy to say that there were no major injuries, crashes or other unhappy events.

    Rob Nye
    Bristol, Rhode Island USA
    Proud to move oil

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    We Rock!

    Tom Steele
    Montgomery Village, MD

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    Statistically speaking, of course, A MIRACLE! YAY!
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    Considering I had about 5 feet visibility for four straight hours in the driving rain/fog/vehicle spray on the way home on routes 100, 89 and 93 and I was SURROUNDED by rally goer's, that is impressive.

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    I had the unfortunate timing to deal with an incident that didn't go so well.

    I had been at the rally working registration from 8-noon. WE finished up there. And headed back to our room at the Black Bear Inn to rest for a little while. We stopped at a pizza joint on the way and ordered pizza. Took the wife to the room then went back and got the pizza. On my way back to the room I was going up the mountain on the Bolton Valley Access road. I came over the crest of the hill and see several vehicles stopped and folks waving for a slow down. When I pulled around the cars and truck I saw it...

    Two beemers pulling away. On the other side of them....a CBR and Benjamin Willet laying on the ground. I pulled up and jumped out....

    Checked his pulse...nothing. Went to pull off his helmet...someone don't do that....I was like....really....the guys heart ain't working....and your worried about the neck....My sister pulled up on her bike about that time...she is a RN. She came to my side and we decided to make an attempt. The guys on the scene who had called rescue hadn't done anything. THey said he had stopped gurgling a few minutes before we arrived. We started CPR. He was gone before we started and from the look of his injuries he wouldn't be coming back, but we gave it our best effort. 30 minutes of on compressions and my sister doing rescue breaths. Some guy happened to have a CPR protective mask in his truck
    (I recommend getting one of these and adding it to your riding gear.)

    Medics finally my surprise...they didn't take over....Finally they did and shortly thereafter they called it. He was 22.

    He skidded uphill almost 200 feet. He musta been flying. The old man he hit was making a left turn off the roadway onto a dirt road to go down to the creek for a swim. He said he started his turn and the kid came flying over the crest of the hill. The old man gunned the engine and drove his car right off the side of a 15 or so foot drop off to try and get out of the way. By this time the kid is skidding. Hits the car on the passenger rear door. Car ends up in the woods...kid and bike instant stop.

    I wish I could have had pictures to show you (not the was very gory) but the skidmark and damage to the vehicles. I am not an accident investigator but from what it looks like....he skidded and highsided and got squished between the bike and the car. All the damage was to the top of the bike as if the handlebars hit first. They were bent completely forward so the underside of the bars was facing up. The forks were not bent at all. The dent on the car was low. bottom of the door to halfway up.

    The kid had an open fracture of his left ankle. Face was somewhat distorted. He had a helmet on, gloves, shorts and t-shirt. He was pretty rashed on his left side. Blood poured from his nose and mouth. It sucked.

    He was only 22 years old. We had to drive by the site every time we left the Inn. The owner of the Inn said that kid did wheelies up and down the mountain all the time. It is a shame. I feel sorry for his family.

    So...the purpose of this post.... My CPR cert is long since expired. I encourage everyone to learn it if they don't know and get certified if you aren't. This experience has reminded me how important it is to know. Had I been there ten minutes earlier that kid might have lived. Everyone who had stopped didn't do anything for him. I am not saying my efforts would have been the saving factor....just any effort at all. Everyone just stood around looking at him and calling 911. Also....getting a CPR mask... The thing the guy pulled out of his truck was about the size for 4 quarters stacked together. Very small. He unwrapped it and held it over my sisters mouth and held her hair back while she did the rescue breathing. I am going to track a few of these things down and put them in all the vehicles cause you never know where the day will find you.

    My condolences to the Willett family.

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    Tom Steele...
    Did you by chance used to live in Bethesda, MD? If not, sorry to bother you.

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    Dang. That is sad.

    It isn't what you ride, it is if you ride

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    Quote Originally Posted by Belquar
    My condolences to the Willett family.
    My congratulations to you and your sister for doing more than standing around with your hands in your pockets. CPR and basic First Aid would be good seminars to offer at a national rally. I attended a very shortened course on accident scene management and it was well attended and very well done.

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    Hey here's an idea: How about for future rallys we get someone to come in and give first responder classes? I know there was a class in my area earlier this Spring, and I wasn't able to go.
    --Joe Merlino - Modified '82 R100RT

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    John Anderson crashed this morning on his way home to Kansas City.

    John completed the 3 peaks tour, despite a handicap and having pneumonia before going to Vermont.

    I will be checking on him at the hospital in the morning.

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    Hey Belquar I deeply regret that you had to deal with what you described.Congratulations,however,on being the one who was there,with your sister.The result is not your fault or responsibility.
    If I crash,I hope you will be there to ease it for me.
    Sometimes,nothing is a real cool hand.

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    Smile Asmi

    Quote Originally Posted by jmerlino
    Hey here's an idea: How about for future rallys we get someone to come in and give first responder classes? I know there was a class in my area earlier this Spring, and I wasn't able to go.
    ASM Inc. offers courses, however there are only a few instructors in the northeast. Two of them put on a seminar on Friday morning. One of them will be going out to Minn in the fall for a "train-the-trainer" class, so I'm hoping that we can have an instructor class before Christmas.

    I've already made some preliminary contact with a potential sponsor in southern New England, and they're very interested in hosting a class.

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    Sorry to hear about this tragic accident. Brian, you and your sister were on the spot and should be commended for your assistance and expertise.

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    This was related to me by the beer distribution event coordinator. As one of the beer garden co-chairs, I vouch for its veracity.
    One of their big rigs was at an intersection, stopped, and poorly set up for a right hand turn. With a Beemer right behind him in the blind area. Yep, the truck backed up and crushed the front wheel. The rider was able to jump off unhurt. From the sounds of it, it was an LT. I told the rep, " nice going, you nailed one of our most expensive models!" No question that the rig was in the wrong. Backing up in an intersection! This happened prior to Thursday, and did NOT make his day.

    Jim Faucher

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