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    Larry A. Hayden

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    Hello I'am looking for the olympia roadmaster jacket, I saw them at the WV rally and have been unable to find a place to buy them. Does anyone know of a website that I can find them on. I liked them very much but didn't have the money at the time. Thanks for any help that anyone can gave me.
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    I just bought their Monteray jacket. I met the designer and his wife at a local rally here in the northeast (nice young couple). They aren't selling anywhere other than through dealers at this time.

    I love this thing. I bought their pants as well. Their 2 peice design that allows you to wear the liners in both the jacket and pants as stand alone items is terrific. Very warm, water proof, good storage, and great armor.

    Call local dealers in your area to see if they made it that far south yet. If you don't have any luck call one up here and have it shipped. The dealer I bought mine from was Cross Country BMW in Metuchen, NJ. Phone: (732) 635-0094

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