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Thread: Glasses / Contacts

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    Go with LASIK... around here, the guy who's done 50,000 procedures offers 18 months same as cash... it's like buying a TV! I love it... I got very tired of the contacts/glasses thing. I use Wiley X goggles, which I almost bought Rx lenses for...THEN I would have had glasses/contacts/Rx Sunglasses/Regular Sunglasses/Rx goggles/Regular goggles... The LASIK took me from close to 20/400 on the left side and 20/70 on the right to 20/20. If you play tennis, racquetball, softball, etc... it's a wonderful thing!

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    Wandering down the list o'threads, and look! There's more activity on this one.

    Rinty: thanks for your input. I have a good optometrist - and have liked for years that while he's suggested I try contacts, he has not pushed them at all. I'm very comfortable with him and his work, and will open a dialogue with him about my choices.

    Bikelawyer: (I thought *I* was the bikelawyer!) I can sure understand your wanting to avoid having so many eye appliances. So far for me, 'though, it's only glasses. Mary smirks when I say they're OK. I confess to being nervous about surgery on my eyes, but I do observe that my 91-year-old father just had cataract surgery, which took something like 13 minutes, and his vision is transformed. So I haven't considered Lasik, but I should.
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    I thought you'd wander back to the thread sooner or later. I'm mildly near sighted and I haven't had refractive surgery done, even though my wife is an ophthalmologist. Like you, the statistical possibility of something going wrong keeps me from going for it. And I value my near vision more than my distance vision; I just take my glasses off when I work.
    Concerning your dad, he had to have his cataract surgery, but of course no one has to have Lasik done. But when you need your first intra ocular lens, the surgeon will set the refraction up just right for you.

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    I wore contacts for nearly 20 years until I got a corneal infection that forced me back to glasses about 3 years ago. I have progressive lenses and really enjoy the ability to read a map in my tankbag without having to haul out the reading glasses like I used to do with contacts.
    I keep thinking I'll go back to contacts, but I'm not willing to go back to carrying reading glasses for close-up work. I've tried the variable focus contacts and the business of a distance eye and a close-up eye lens arrangement and disliked both.
    So it looks like I'm destined to wear glasses until medical science figures out a way to give me the focusing range of a 20-year-old.

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    When I was 16, I had to start wearing glasses. That was many, many years ago during the beginnings of the hard contact lenses era. A doctor told me contacts were like putting a piece of sand in my eyes. The eyes would adjust but is was still a foreign object. I have worn glasses ever since. Early on I decided I was not going to let vanity have me carry the glasses in my pocket until I needed to haul them out and put them on and then put them away. I put them on in the morning when I get up and take them off at night when I go to bed. Very convenient. A few years ago, I tried contacts again. The problem is I have an astigmatism. I also use photogray, progressive tri-focals. The combination made contacts a difficult proposition. At one point, I tried a different perscription in each eye. That made my brain hurt. The bottom line was I would have to carry all the contact stuff plus spare glasses plus sunglasses. That was a step backwards. Perhaps I don't have 180 degree peripheral vision but I can still turn my head. And I always have the glasses on that I need. My helmet has a tinted face shield and that works fine. However, to each his own and if they work for you that's great.

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