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Thread: Leading spaces in posts...

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    Exclamation Leading spaces in posts...

    Am I goofing something here? I can't make line leading spaces stay put, the submitted version left justifies them out. I use them for indents, whut up? TNX <<<)))

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    i dunno, i'll try it in this post...

    this line is supposed to start under the word "post."

    now i'll hit submit and see if it worked.

    edit: it does it to me too. now i'm going to try using the "indent" function. it looks like this in the little toolbar above the post window:

    this line should be indented.

    edit #2: hooray! it works.

    now you try!

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    Thumbs up Looking for indenture...

    Hmmm, I'm not seeing a toolbar above the "replay to thread" window. I'm on W98SE/IE5... might be Luddite tax time. Is there an option on Toolbar presence? TNX <<<)))

    TADAAAA! In User CP/options: Went from basic editor to enhanced = toolbar!

    This should be indented
    this will be window centered

    And... now I know where the imbedded icons come from Too. & TNX <<<)))
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    Still strange that only 1 space is allowed between characters. This should have 10 spaces here: . It doesn't submit that way. <<<)))

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