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Thread: rear drives

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    Cool rear drives

    I'm an old airhead guy who recently bought an 1150 GS Sport. I'm looking for information about oilhead rear drives. I'm thinking about swapping the rear drive on my 1150GS for a higher ratio drive. Will a drive from say, an RT or R install onto a GS? Will the GS wheel bolt to an R or RT hub? If not, will some minor machining solve the difference?

    I haven't taken anything apart, but the paralever rear end on my K bike looks a lot like the drive on my GS. Are there significant differences in the paralever drives, other than ABS sensor position and brake caliper mounting?

    Who knows all this stuff?


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    GS differential interchanges

    David, go to and check their archives. The most common change out is to go with the RS or RT-P differential(same gear ratio). The lower gearing will be better off road, and the bike will be quicker at high altitudes. The Colorado BMW mechanics would probably be the most knowledgeble on the subject. JON

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    11,664 has a pretty good GS forum as well. You might want to ask them too.
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    Originally posted by KBasa has a pretty good GS forum as well. You might want to ask them too.
    I second that,ADVrider is the best sourse so far
    here are the best of the Best

    final drive gear rathios

    How to change them

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