Well...I'm headed home Monday night from work. I get 20 miles out in the 40 mile ride and "in traffic" realize that I can JUST downshift...The clutch lever is moving only about 1/2"....Short shifting at an extream....

Interestingly, this is almost the same exact spot I lost my rear brake line!

Pull into a fire station. Look the bike over and realize that the pivot pin/screw that holds the clutch lever in place is gone! The lock nut on the bottom must have vibrated off, allowing the pin to back itself off.

I run into the woods- find a suitable piece of wood. Pull out the leatherman and carve a pin with a shoulder. Fit it in where the original was and I get home OK.

Lesson learned. Much more attention to hardware is needed on a thumper!
The vibration (i guess) really can loosen things up. Put a wrench/ screw driver/ hex...Whatever, on all accesible hardware and check for looseness more often!

I'm putting on a min of 400 miles on per week. So I'm thinking once every other week I'll be preforming a more Thorough hardware inspection.