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Thread: Bashing Service and Price

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    Bashing Service and Price

    It baffles me why anyone would leave for a trip without first servicing their bike and making sure everything was in safe, reliable and working order. Would you do the same with your car on a family vacation? If you know you're going to need a regular service, call ahead and make an appointment.
    Sure, "manure happens" and you need unexpected repairs. But gee, who's really to blame here? Riders show up wanting routine repairs done and feel they deserve to be put in front of someone with an emergency.
    In my business, if you call me on a weekend and say, "I have no hot water. It's been luke warm for the past week and I thought it would fix itself. Can you come right over?" The reply you'll get is, 'Sorry, we're going for a motorcycle ride. I'll be there Monday morning.'

    I like the sign I once saw:
    Your lack of planning DOES NOT constitute an emergency for me.

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    service before

    agreed... i did it all, changed fluids and filters. even did the fuel filter. Checked my rear diff fluid on a clean piece of flakes and still had a problem. I was baffled why someone would leave for a rally 1000 miles away with 1000 miles left on their tires. On the other had, i have friends who ride to Americade to get their tires changed... a dumb idea I think.
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    I need a service now !
    I have been planning this trip for months.

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    There are also people who have been on the road for literally tens of thousand miles that need the service at the rally. However I agree that they should call ahead for reservations.

    I know that during my preflight for the trip I realized I needed a new battery and I replaced it the day before I left, a little nerve racking to leave that close to a repair but there were commitments to keep.

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