[Ah Ha! Since I assume you've got a 12 volt conversion
on your /2, an electric vest is a great investment, along
with a balaclava, and good wind-proof clothing. I like
Widder's stuff, but I made my first electric vest myself
for about 10-bucks. I imagine that's gone up to
twenty or so by now.... You know, an air-cooled
engine runs really well when it's cold outside.....]

Mac -

That's a good point, I do have a 12v system, but have not seriously considered a vest. Anyone have any insight into which vest is best? Is there any point in wearing a heated vest if you lack a fairing, heated grips, etc?

I would like to hear more about the vest you made. With my electrical skills, I question the safety of a home made heated vest of my construction. I somehow picture a fireball cruising down the road at 60 mph. However, I would be warm...