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Thread: "We made the paper...we made the paper!" - barely.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rinty
    Did you post that from Vermont, Slash? That's a long ride from the Lower Mainland, even for a /5.

    Allo, Rint! Naw, I'm stuck here in the wilds off the Coquihalla Highway this year. Family matters precluded heading for Vermont in '06 but Wisconsin in '07 is lookin' good 'specially after viewing Jeff Dean's pictures of the site ` `

    As for the /5, it's pretty basic, you know, and always gets me where I'm going. A motor, two sets of drum brakes, wiring of some description here and there, a LOUD horn and a gas tank - that's pretty well it. It doesn't stop very good but then, I don't travel very fast. It's getting on in years but so am I. So I just ride s-l-o-w-l-y and let the 'K's, the 'R's', the 'RT's' and the odd '1200CLC' zoom on by in pursuit of whatever it is they may be pursuing. I can never figure out why the other guys are in such a hurry. The rally's not gonna start without 'em!

    See you in West Bend next July, bud! ` `
    ~ ~ ~ /5 Express
    Have Train? - Will Travel!

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    I knew I forgot osmething when I left saturday, the paper! Grah! Anyone have an extra one? (not the "cream puff" one... the full-pager that was at the main building I heard about.... cream puff my arse!) PM me if you do TIA.

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    Paper located, Thanks a million! that was fast :=)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Unregistered
    Maybe technically. But the following is from THIS website:

    Will there be Day Passes?
    With a crowd of this size, there are NO day passes because they are too difficult for us to control. While we invite you to spend a few days at the rally you will find value in paying the admission even for one day. Even if you only stay one day you are eligible to win door prizes as you will not need to be present to win some of the grand prizes.

    So I can pay $35 to see some BMW motorcycles? What a privilege!! It is exclusion by default. No one locally will pay that just to wander around and look at BMW motorcycles.....

    Burlington Resident
    Well, thank godness that the vast majority of Vermont residents are not so snobish as yourself. There are all manner of club events that occur in Vermont and at the fairgrounds, and I wouldn't think of "crashing" their event. If I'm interested in whatever is occuring, I'd join their club. Just because an event is occuring locally doesn't mean that all Vermonters must be included ( and besides are Burlington Residents really Vermonters? Many folks in Vermont think not!)

    As a MOA member, I would prefer that only club members and their guess are allowed in to the rally. I don't believe that anyone off the street with $35 bucks should be allowed in.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Unregistered
    Yeah, and it also says that the public is not welcome. Doesn't do too much for the 'Elitist Snob' image of the 'BMW rider'! This should be open to the public with day passes. These people will remember this attitude when they decide to buy a touring bike. I know I will!! Bye, snobs!!

    Burlington Resident
    Dear Sir

    This was NOT a motorcycle show. This was a Club/Member event.

    South Burlington, VT

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    Media Coverage

    Sitting having dinner at Al's Thursday evening, I recognised some people from my home town and sat down with them. They're HD riders and he made the comment that there must be somebody at The Burlington Free Press that rides a BMW, because the HD rides hardly get a mentioned.

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    Brian, as much as you'd like it, the fact is anybody off the street with $35 WAS let in to the rally. I agree that it added to the security of the place - anybody who's willing to pay $30 - $35 to get in the door usually respects motorcycles and motorcyclists enough to not go "shopping" in the parking lot.

    Would day passes have been nice? Maybe - I had a friend who couldn't cough up the full rally price, her budget was too tight. Did she complain about the MOA not offering day passes? Nope.

    It's also a lot easier for the volunteers to check for a single armband to allow entry instead of dealing with who's got a day pass and which day it's for, etc, etc. When that many people are coming and going it's just easier.

    I think things went over was great to see everybody come up to our neck of the woods.

    S. Burlington

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    Over 9,000 attendees and ZERO reported theft.

    Offering a $10 day pass to anyone who would like to attend could have a negative impact on this statistic.

    One other way to look at this is $35 is about what one could expect to pay to see David Bromberg at the Higher Ground (local venue) yet for the same price you get to see and experience all that is the rally.

    You could also easily recoup the expense though discounts offered by many of the vendors.

    In other words we do offer day-passes for $35. Our only requirement for entry is that you ride a BMW or you have a strong enough interest to register for the rally. If you don't see the value then chances are you won't mix well with our crowd.

    It is and always be a private party which happens to drop over 4 million dollars into the local economy.

    Rob Nye
    Bristol, Rhode Island USA
    Proud to move oil

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    Quote Originally Posted by robnye
    Over 9,000 attendees and ZERO reported theft.
    Wow! That's truly amazing! With all the expensive GPS units, iPods, radios, radar detectors and tank bags with cash in them sitting around, it's astounding that not a single one grew legs and walked off.
    --Joe Merlino - Modified '82 R100RT

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    Were the "misplaced" Kermit chairs recovered after last years's concert?

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