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Did you post that from Vermont, Slash? That's a long ride from the Lower Mainland, even for a /5.

Allo, Rint! Naw, I'm stuck here in the wilds off the Coquihalla Highway this year. Family matters precluded heading for Vermont in '06 but Wisconsin in '07 is lookin' good 'specially after viewing Jeff Dean's pictures of the site ` `

As for the /5, it's pretty basic, you know, and always gets me where I'm going. A motor, two sets of drum brakes, wiring of some description here and there, a LOUD horn and a gas tank - that's pretty well it. It doesn't stop very good but then, I don't travel very fast. It's getting on in years but so am I. So I just ride s-l-o-w-l-y and let the 'K's, the 'R's', the 'RT's' and the odd '1200CLC' zoom on by in pursuit of whatever it is they may be pursuing. I can never figure out why the other guys are in such a hurry. The rally's not gonna start without 'em!

See you in West Bend next July, bud! ` `