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Thread: So, how far have you ridden on a tire plug?

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    So, how far have you ridden on a tire plug?

    Inquiring minds want to know - Have you ever ridden on a tire with a plug in it? If so, what is the most amount of miles you have put on.
    Why do I ask? Well, after 10k on my first set of Tomahawks I had a fresh set installed. 600 miles later I picked up a very small triagle of glass right into the very corner of a tread thingamabob in almost the dead center of the tire. I used the handy tire plug kit I found under my seat and promptly ordered a new tire. As I waited in frustration for the tire (July 4 holiday screwed it up a little) a riding buddy of mine told me to go ahead and ride. So I did.....and that was about 450 miles ago. It didn't lose any air for over two weeks, I had to add about 2 lbs the day after a very hot (upper 90's) 240 mile ride.
    So, even though I have a new tire in the garage I am still riding the plugged tire. Was wondering if anyone else out there has done the same.
    Plus I figure this ought to get some of you very agitated and that can be fun some times. Several of you got your panties all bunched up when I asked about remanufactured tires, so this subject might even be beneath your discussing at all. (BTW, I put 10k on the remanufactured Tomahawks in all weather conditions and they did a fine job by me which is why I ordered some more. OTTH, my stock Dunlops didn't make 6k.).
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