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Thread: So, how far have you ridden on a tire plug?

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    So, how far have you ridden on a tire plug?

    Inquiring minds want to know - Have you ever ridden on a tire with a plug in it? If so, what is the most amount of miles you have put on.
    Why do I ask? Well, after 10k on my first set of Tomahawks I had a fresh set installed. 600 miles later I picked up a very small triagle of glass right into the very corner of a tread thingamabob in almost the dead center of the tire. I used the handy tire plug kit I found under my seat and promptly ordered a new tire. As I waited in frustration for the tire (July 4 holiday screwed it up a little) a riding buddy of mine told me to go ahead and ride. So I did.....and that was about 450 miles ago. It didn't lose any air for over two weeks, I had to add about 2 lbs the day after a very hot (upper 90's) 240 mile ride.
    So, even though I have a new tire in the garage I am still riding the plugged tire. Was wondering if anyone else out there has done the same.
    Plus I figure this ought to get some of you very agitated and that can be fun some times. Several of you got your panties all bunched up when I asked about remanufactured tires, so this subject might even be beneath your discussing at all. (BTW, I put 10k on the remanufactured Tomahawks in all weather conditions and they did a fine job by me which is why I ordered some more. OTTH, my stock Dunlops didn't make 6k.).
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    The distance you can get out of a plugged tire depend on two things.

    First: The nature of the hole in the tire. If it is a simple puncture then the plub will hold well if properly installed. If the puncture is a glancing one that shows as a puncture on the outside but forms a slice on the inside you may not have good luck.

    Second: Your confidence in the repair.
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    I got a small nail in an almost new Avon Distanzia on my R100GS. I plugged it and put about 7000 more miles on the tire before replacing it. I rode in all sorts of condition from rocky farm lanes to interstate highways to sprited riding on curvy back highways. I never worried about the plug, but then again it was a small, clean hole that had not created a slit in the tire.

    I also confess to not always wearing ATGATT, but am more of a "Most of the Gear" kind of guy. So, although I am a fairly conservative guy, I guess I am more willing to take a small risk that some others.

    I just try not to be too fanatical about stuff (sometimes I go more than 3000 miles between oil changes too)

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    30 Miles Maximum!

    I have plugged two different rear tires, using the BMW repair kit. I rode a few miles on one plugged tire and less than 30 miles on the other, both times using the plug to "get home" and replace the tire. I must have a different perception of "risk" and a lower tolerance for it than you do.

    I'm totally impressed with the "mileages" posted so far and am anxious to hear feedback from others!

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    I received a gift from the road in a new tire on my 1100GS and it took 2 rope style plugs to make it quit leaking. Then I rode the tire until it was due for replacement. I kept a close eye on the pressure for the first week or two. From there never a problem. Here in Orlando, home of constant construction, I use these on a regular basis in the automobiles. I never even consider a conversion over to a patch on the cars.

    Rope plugs RULE!
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    Last year while traveling in Miss. I got a large hole dead center of a 70% worn Avon Rear. Very long story made short: intalled one of those dry (no glue) mushroom plugs. Hole so bad it did not quite seal it, but almost. Very slow leak. This was solved by adding slime. Rode two Hattisburg to go to the BMW dealer and found out they no longer were. But they did try to help. No 18" rear to be found in Miss. after an hour of calling every dealer in state. Then rode to Birmingham Al. High speed and HOT! weather. Got a new tire there. I was nervous about the plug, but it held. I've run many plugs for many miles in cages.

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