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Thread: I-89 NH/Vermont Leaded Fuel Source?

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    I-89 NH/Vermont Leaded Fuel Source?

    Looking for a CAM2 or equal leaded fuel source on or near I-89 in NH or Vermont??

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    Quote Originally Posted by Unregistered
    Looking for a CAM2 or equal leaded fuel source on or near I-89 in NH or Vermont??
    Cam2 is now Sunoco race fuel. Your best bet would be a racetrack or a race shop. NH places that sell Sunoco race fuels:

    Northern Race Tire
    1225 Route 16
    Ossipee, NH 03864
    (603) 539-1566

    Mr. Mike's Truck Stop
    728 Route 3A
    Bow, NH 03304
    (603) 223-6885

    Lee Sunoco
    Route 125
    100 Calef Hwy (Lee Traffic Circle)
    Lee, NH 03824
    (603) 868-1392

    Laconia Sunoco
    1355 Union Avenue
    Laconia, NH 03247
    (603) 524-8956

    Turnpike Sunoco
    270 West Hollis St
    Nashua, NH 03061
    (603) 882-2407

    Broad St. Sunoco
    90 Broad Street
    Nashua, NH 03061
    (603) 880-9163

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    This place sells 110 octane leaded fuel:

    Plastow Rd. Rt. 125
    Haverhill, MA

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    THe Bow station would be just South of the intersection of 89/93 near Concord, probably the most convenient if you are coming up from the south.
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    I don't know if this suggestion is feasible or legal....
    An aquaintance would visit the airport and obtain some AVgas to mix into a tank of fuel. This is awhile back but AVgas USED to be high lead content. Good for those old airhead valve seats. FWIW

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