Now available are standard avatars from clubs who have provided their logos to one or more administrator of this forum.

If you will notice, right now my avatar (photo under my name) shows the custom avatar of my choice.

However, I could choose a standard avatar. When one see posts with the following avatars, individuals have chosen from the list of standard avatars listed below.

So far we have:

BMW Owner's of San Diego
Yankee Beemers
Wallace and Grommet

If you would like your club logo posted for use by your club members, please have a club officer send me a private message through this board, with the logo in .gif or .jepg format.

Be sure to size the logo down to 70x70 pixels.


The MOA forum team

To change your avatar, please refer to this:

clicked on the User C.P. button at the top of the screen and went to "Edit Options". Down at the bottom of the screen is a way for you to load your own image from your computer to use as your avatar or select from existing avatars.