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Thread: Sunday departure from Minnesota!

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    Sunday departure from Minnesota!

    Alright... The time is almost here! I plan to leave northern Minnesota on Sunday and ride up Hwy. 61 through Thunder Bay, across Canada Hwy. 11 through Hearst, and into New York via Cornwall, ON before heading to the rally site. Does anyone know of any major construction or other obstacles along the way? I plan to bring my birth certificate and driver license (of course), so hopefully the border crossings will go smoothly. I wish I was leaving today. The heat up here is unusually aweful... See ya there!

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    I have made this ride several times since 2001...and rode through Duluth last year, headed further my knowledge is a year old, I would expect some construction but it is not likely to be a problem.... Leave Long Lac, ON with a full is about 120 ? miles with No gas. DO watch your speed going through the small towns...Traffic moves along, I've always used the truckers to gauge socially acceptable speeds...folks up that way do things like flash their lights (and Brake lights)if there are radar traps but more so for critters in the road......I've seen moose , a surprising number of black bear, deer , a lynx and more all stuff that you might desire to avoid....Ottawa is the largest city you'll likely ride through at about 75 if you don't wish to be run over...your idea of using the Cornwall/Massena is a good one

    Thunder bay to the rally is about 1124 miles

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