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Thread: Pathblazer on R1150RT

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    Question Pathblazer on R1150RT

    I am looking for the best place to mount a Kisan Pathblazer on an R1150RT hi-beam. Originally I was going to connect it directly to the bulb as this requires to wire splicing and its hidden, however, I am worried about water getting into the light assembly. The back cover will not seat properly as the wires will be coming out though its seal. I probably need to splice the wire someplace. Any info from anyone who has installed one of these is greatly appreciated.

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    Hi Niko,

    The way to install one of these modulators is to trace the wiring harness to your headlights and 'open ' it up to expose the wires
    Once you have established the right color wire to the high beam you can tap into this as per instructions.
    This means a little work but the connections can be made outside the headlight assembly which is what I did with my SDC Diamond Star modulator. Mine works on high and low beam and had to cut a few more wires
    The best thing to do to get the connections waterproof is to go to a marine specialty store and get the CRIMP connectors that you have to HEAT up also as they will glue the connection tight and waterproof!!
    The modulator can than be mounted anywhere out of the way. Don't forget to use some electrical tape around you splice to 'seal' the harness back up. BMW used a cloth type tape but regular tape is good too.

    I hope this helped!

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    Thanks for the info. I was trying to avoid having to cut the wires but I did it this past weekend. I traced the wire to the front right hand side of the bike. Its a white colored wire. It worked very well.

    Thanks for the reply.

    Good riding


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