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Thread: BMW Demo Rides

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    BMW Demo Rides

    Anyone know how many bikes they will be bring to Nationals? Any GT's?


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    The lines are so long it's a waste of time. Go to a dealer.

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    Go early in the morning when most are still idling about in their flip flops looking for coffee and you will have your pick of whatever they bring. I wanted to try the K12R at Lima last year and was able to on the 8am demo ride. It was fun. Totally not a waste of time. Plus they did a capabilities demo with the bike while we were out. Showing the braking power both on and off road. PRetty impressive.

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    The only other MOA rally I have been to was the Moodus CT rally in '93. They did the demo rides so everyone had to sign up in the morning when the demo tent opened up for a scheduled tour later in the morning or afternoon. Are they doing a little differently now?

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    Last year in Lima we were in line at 5:45 AM. If I remember, the sign up sheet started at 7:00 AM....rides started at 8:00 AM. Great fun, even standing in line and swapping lies about our experiences. I would encourage you to do it, but beware you might get new bike fever...........I did last year and went home and bought a new LT!

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