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    Unhappy Unusual discovery

    In a departure from my normal Monday morning routine I found a dead man on my way to work this morning.

    I was dropping my son at school a little early this morning. As I approached the south (exit) driveway I noticed a motorcycle over the stone wall and the rider lying next to it. At first I thought that it was an interesting place to take a nap and that it was awfully careless to let the sidestand sink into the ground like that. I suppose I still have a little IB withdrawal going on because the more I looked the less it seemed plausible that he was sleeping.

    I entered the school and dropped my son off at the front door. As I followed the driveway I crested the rise and was able to see the body stretched out in what looked like a natural sleeping position, sort of upside down yet on a side. As I approached I could see his hands and wrists were blue white. When I checked for a pulse I was taken with how cold his skin was, there was no point in trying too hard. I realize now that once I found no pulse I moved away, not even looking at his face or taking in enough to tell now how old he was, etc. I can only guess by my recollections of him and his bike that he was between 40-50 years old. There was a cell phone a few feet away on one side and a pair of glasses on the opposite side of him. He was not wearing a helmet which is against the law in Massachusetts. Later the police could not find a license plate on the bike. Some may think it was stolen, perhaps he lived just down the street and was taking it for a test run after doing some service work, who knows?

    I went down to the school office and told them to call 911. Interestingly enough they commented that they saw the bike. From the lower level of the entrance I looked up and sure enough I could see the bike but not the rider. I returned to the rider and was soon joined by the head of the upper school. He also checked for a pulse and agreed that he was really dead. He then asked me if we were supposed to do CPR or other life saving measures and I replied that at his temp he likely crashed sometime in the night and had been there for a few hours.

    We agreed that there was not much to be done and when he learned I was a parent we decided that he would go make sure the arriving children were sent directly inside and I would deal with the police. The first officer arrived shortly and trotted from his car to the body, he too found no pulse and he radioed to the other responding officers that fact. Soon there were plenty of LEO‘«÷s along with the EMT‘«÷s on scene. I watched as they patted down the body and removed his wallet. Without fanfare the officer found his license, and then he knelt down by the victim. He grabbed his head and rotated it so he could compare the face on the license to the face on the body. Then the cell phone started ringing and the officer commented that they would not answer it.

    It was all a bit surreal, this time I was nothing other than another cage driving parent, one of hundreds that would be circulating through the parking lot this morning yet I was the one who found the body. As a rider I got chills as I was given a live performance of a play I don‘«÷t ever want to star in. I realized how much better it made me feel that he was not wearing full gear, somehow having it be a ‘«£typical harley rider‘«ō reinforced the fallacy that all gear, all the time somehow makes us ‘«£better‘«ō or somewhat at better odds of survival. This realization (of the realization if you catch my drift) made me feel worse; here was a guy who was never going to answer his phone again.

    If there is any point to this I suppose it would be the simple fact that as motorcyclists we accept more risk than the average person. Along with this risk goes some responsibility to keep our wits about us because for the person who dialed that cell phone number this morning, their pain is just beginning and will go on for some time.

    Rob Nye
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    You were put in a situation the rest of us hope to never be in, but thanks for sharing the story, it never hurts to make someone stop and think about things like this, and how vulnerable we all are in this tiny world. Ride safe.

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    Sad. I don't know what to say.

    Was there any obvious trauma? Perhaps he did stop to take a nap....

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    Rob, I feel for you, and having been in law enforcement for 8 years, I can understand the situation and how you must have felt. It could have been any number of things such as a heart attack, or seizure that caused him to be in that position. I commend you for stopping and attempting to render aid to your fellow man. So many people nowadays just go past, without a second thought, or dont want to get involved. We need more folks like you that care enough to help.
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    Unusual discovery, the obit

    Sounds too much like many of the people I know here.

    There are three crosses at the scene two small ones and a larger cross along with a bunch of flowers. Very sombering.

    Be careful folks, or in the words of Director Mike Fridedle,

    "Ride Fast Safely".

    KENNETH W. THIBAULT - Westport
    01:00 AM EDT on Wednesday, October 1, 2003
    KENNETH W. THIBAULT, 40, of Old Bedford Road, died Monday near 1081 Tucker Rd., in Dartmouth, Mass., of injuries from a motorcycle accident that the police say is still under investigation.

    He was the husband of Kelli A. (Barlow) Thibault. Born in Fall River, a son of Wilfred and Helen (Fontaine) Thibault of Fall River, he was a lifelong Westport resident. A graduate of Westport High School, he earned a bachelor's degree in marine mechanics from the New England Institute of Technology, in Warwick.

    Mr. Thibault had been self-employed as a cable contractor with First Line Cable, of Bridgewater, Mass.

    A drummer in local bands, he had played to help raise funds for the Spinal Cord Association and the Muscular Dystrophy Association.

    He also had been active with the Westport boys' and girls' basketball leagues and the Babe Ruth baseball league.
    Mr. Thibault was a communicant of Our Lady of Grace Church.

    Besides his wife and his parents, he leaves a son, Alex Thibault, and a daughter, Aimee Thibault, both of Westport; a sister, Debra Ann Thibault of Providence; and several nieces and nephews.
    A funeral Mass will be celebrated on Friday at 10 a.m. in Our Lady of Grace Church, Sanford Road. Burial will be in Beech Grove Cemetery.

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    It's nice to know you cared enough to stop and to render the
    aid you were able to.

    Thank you.


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    Manoman that's sad- sounds he was a good guy. I know if I had been you that day it would be playing hard in my mind for a while to come.
    But you're a good guy too, for caring about a stranger's well-being even after it's too late for them to thank you.

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    I know you didn't post this to collect accolades, but I must echo the sentiment of the others and say Good On You for taking the time to stop and get involved. That is one indicator of cream versus skim IMHO.
    Don't winterize; Rounderize!

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    I wish for more people to care for each other like you did for a total stranger. Good for you.
    It is unfortunate that another biker lost his life and leaves a family behind, trying to get on with life.
    We all should remember that life is too short not to enjoy it.
    Please let's all stay safe.

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