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Thread: Is it time yet?

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    Is it time yet?

    Five days to go and we are off the leash for two blissful weeks on the road. Though we are looking forward to our first National MOA Rally and hope it is everything we have built it up to be, we are really using it as just one of a few destinations we want to visit. We have packed, repacked and have the original pile down to a manageable one-luggage bag apiece. We have fine-tuned the GPS routing program with must visit, would like to visit, back roads and weather alternative destinations. Been all over the LT, even had all of the fluids changed and a new set of tires installed today. We always do the same ritual before every major road trip and just can‘«÷t help but get a little anxious from the anticipation of the upcoming departure. All we can say at this point is ‘«£Lets get the show on the Road‘«ō. Is it just us or is this week just dragging along.


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    No, it's not just you.


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