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Look at the authors avatar and handle. See the harley connection? I suppose in a lot of Eastern areas the harley has been the typical Police bike. In the area I worked it wasn't. A few Officers in other Departments that could buy their own bike and lease it back to the Dept. got a harley and some got a wing.

Where I worked we went to an effort to insure harley was not selected as long as there was the kawasaki in spite of the offer by harley to severely discount the bikes to undercut kawasaki. We needed to do this as the bean counters would choose based on price alone. Other than the fact that the kaw went faster, lasted longer, stopped quicker, cost less, turned tighter and required a fraction of the maintenance the harley did, the harley compared pretty favorably in the 80's and 90's.

That won't sit well with a harley fan but that doesn't change the situation. Now that the kaw has been discontinued the department is switching to the harley since it can be obtained cheaper than the bmw and they feel for municipal duty the harley performs a bit better. I'm sure the bmw guys here won't like that either but it's the way the city and Department made their choice.

One of the biggest reasons they went with the Harley is the Chief. He felt that the Honda and the BMW were WAY too fast. Ya' just can't fix stupid.
I think they're gonna hate them in the summer.