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Thread: Sidecar front ends

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    Sidecar front ends

    I used to drive an R75/7 with a velorex 'car and kick myself periodically for ever selling it. The wheel has come around again and I'm thinking about building another rig. The /7 was something I put together myself with no modifications to the front end, it handled fairly well but having had the opportunity to try a K1100LT with a leading link front end I know how good it can be. I've seen a couple of rigs with conventional forks and offset triple clamps but no owner around to help me source the parts. I'd like to get some feedback from riders who have done either of the conversions before starting this new project.

    I should probably finish my R75/6"S" restoration/conversion too, but that's another story....


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    Take a look at Dauntless Motors ( for steering mods for your BMW. They offer Unit ( leading links and a trail reducing mod for non fixed fairing BMW /5/6/7. I'm presently adding Jay's trail reducing mod to my R90/6 Sputnik rig. Huge steering improvement (power like). I chose to go with the mod vs leading link to keep a more stock look to the bike + it was 1/3 less costly than the links. Very well made not TOO dificult to install if you have decent mechanical capabilities.

    Another source for Leading Links for BMW would be Lowell Neff. (
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