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Thread: 13 days, 12 hours, 21 minutes Cmon already

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    378 days and counting on this end....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Belquar
    Jeebus this is like waiting for Christmas. Can't wait. Almost time. I am rolling Wednesday morning early. Ready to Rock and Roll. Can't wait...did I say that yet?
    Leaving in 230 hours.
    George Rudd
    1990 K100LT
    A liter better than nothing

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    Leaving in the wee hours on Monday (from S. Maryland), through PA, NY, to VT. Staying in Smuggler's Notch. Will ride around New Hampshire on Tuesday, Maine on Wednesday and will be at registration early on Thursday. Fourth MOA rally - Lima (rear end failure- not cool!!); Charleston - (tent nearly blown into river); Trenton (aborted journey in upstate NY - not cool at all!); and Midland (via Niagara Falls and Canada - very cool!!)

    Four days of work and counting. Route still undecided.

    Oh Joy!

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    Flying out on Saturday. Gonna spend a couple days riding around before we get to the rally!
    Dave Swider
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    Some bikes. Some with motors, some without.

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    13 days

    Did you ship your bike, Dave, or have you got a loaner out there?


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    Going through CT

    Quote Originally Posted by HadABabyItsABeemer
    Leaving early Wed. morning, probably 3-4am. I am thinking of riding up to NY to route 15, then to 7 into CT, then ride 7 through CT, Mass, and just into VT to route 67 to a friends house to stay the night. Leave Thursday morning to scenic route 7.

    Oh yeah, the pic of the covered bridge with the white church behind it is just up the road from my friends house. I see the need for some good video.

    But that is just one way I am thinking to go.
    RT 7 thru CT will be very congested to just about Kent.
    Recommend some parallel roads that add a few miles.
    Look at RT133 to RT67, to RT45. Back to RT7 in Cornwall Bridge.
    (RT45 is a lovely ride)
    If you would like more details, please reply you this thread, and I will supply a phone number. Steve

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