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Thread: K100 tail light question

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    K100 tail light question

    Guys, I'm new to K bikes so please help me if you can. Bike starts and runs fine. Headlight comes on immediately but tail light does not. The red indicator comes on but goes off when the brake is pressed (brake light comes on) but the upper tail light bulb doesn't. Shouldn't the warning light stay on if the tail light is bad? Any ideas?

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    Yes - it should stay on if the bulb is bad.

    So it will take some digging with a circuit tester. A faulty bulb monitoring unit is possible, but so is a short to ground prior to the bulb.
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    Yes the warning light will light if the bulb is bad, but will not light if the fuse is blown. Check the running/parking light in the headlight. If it is not working, check the fuse, if it is working the fuse should be good.


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