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Thread: duffy lake road

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    duffy lake road

    Hello; I finally managed to do the duffy lake road from Vancouver to lilloet, wonderful road, highly recommended. I have heard it said that the duffy lake road is the most beautiful road in North America. I had to see for my self. It is wonderful alright, it has switchbacks on it, wooden bridges, you go from the pacific coast to rain forest to high alpine meadows to desert, then back to rain forest. The whole trip is documented on the internet, just do a search for "duffy lake road" and see if you agree.

    I went on to Calgary and Edmonton, and came back by the Fraser canyon, nice road too with lots of spectacular scenery, but with a little too much construction to keep the flow happening. I luckily didn't get caught in all the forest fires, and didn't even see any fires either way.

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    That is indeed some lovely riding. Did most of that on the first day of my BC trip.
    My favorite day when I was near the end when I rode 4 from Nanaimo to Tofino in a rain storm. Priceless.

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