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Thread: Temporary disabling of headlight

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    Temporary disabling of headlight

    I will be attending the 2006 Experienced Rider Course at the 2006 International Rally and the instructions suggest turnoff / disconnect / remove the headlight so the battery will be less stressed during the range excercises. Can someone provide directions on how this can be done on an '04 R1150RT?

    Hope to see you in Essex Junction!


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    An oilhead has a much higher capacity charging system (approx 700 watts) than the airheads (about 240 watts max).

    I've taken the ERC 3 times using my 94 R1100RS and have never had a problem with the battery. If your battery is less than 3 years old (and the water level is at the proper level, if a wet-type) then you should have no problem with the ERC range exercises.

    If one were riding an airhead, such as a /5, then it would make sense to keep the headlight turned off. Fortunately there is a convenient switch just for that purpose on the /5s.

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