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Thread: Replacement bulbs for my K1200LTE

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    Replacement bulbs for my K1200LTE

    Hello all. New member here, trading up to the K1200LTE. Picking it up tomorrow. I was told I needed to buy one PIAA H7 and one Phillips H3. Does that sound correct?

    The dealer said the tech will put them in for me and show me how (no charge) if I bring him the bulbs tomorrow for the bike delivery.

    I have looked and looked for the PIAA H7 that was mentioned and can't find any reference to it.

    I have seen PIAA H1, H3 and H4, but no H7. Can you verify and tell me for sure which two bulbs I need.


    Marc (I can't sleep tonight - waiting for my LT) Ward

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    I'd do a search of the forums over at the K1200 site.

    I think it's
    Dave Swider
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