hi everyone,

i have an '02 r1150r that's due for a 12k service and after taking into consideration the cost of the service and my own eagerness to learn how to do it myself (and become more mechanically inclined in general), i'm reaching out in the hopes of finding someone in the NYC area that knows how to do such a service and would be interested in teaching me how to do it. or if there's someone in the same situation that might be interested in teaming up and figuring it out together.

i attended an airhead maintence class at Max BMW in albany last year before i bought the r1150r. at the time i had a '73 r60/5 and learned how to change the fluids and do a valve adjustment but i'm a bit intimidated with the r1150r plus i only own basic tools (which seemed to be all i needed for the r60). i'm pretty sure there's a fair amount of tools i'll need to get for the r1150r service though.

anyway, so if there's someone around that enjoys doing this stuff, has advice, or just thinks i should forget the whole idea and take it to the dealer, feel free to contact me. thanks, jason