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Thread: Summer Solstice Day Ride

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    Summer Solstice Day Ride

    Summer Solstice landed on a Wednesday this year and I just happened to be able to take the day off from work to go out and play in the roads. It started out as a real exercise of frustration getting out of town. We wanted to get out on the road before rush hour but the morning hours burned away as we tried to get ready to go. A quick run to the bank for some spending cash and we were finally on our way. We took State highway 30 out of town and it seemed like every light turned red just for us. Man, that was really getting annoying. Finally after what seemed like about 100 lights we were on the open road. We jumped off 30 and onto gravel roads in Cedar Hill and rode gravel almost exclusively till CR 657 and Y, North of Vibernum. I had other gravel roads on schedule but it was getting close to noon and we were getting hungry so we stayed on Y and made our way to Bixby for gas and lunch.

    After traveling about 10 miles on this road, the gravel ended at what looked like a dead end. Did I mention that I think the Garmin 276C is Gods gift to mankind? The Garmin showed that the road continues between those two trees with the painted trunks. I would never attempt many of the roads I do now with just a map.

    We took a few pics as we navigated through the woods. The Garmin shows us we are still on track.

    Earlier in he day we rode a gravel road only to be turned around by a locked gate. I thought "What is this , Texas?"

    Well I was beginning to think that it may happen again. I could have very easily because this trail did end up in a guys back yard and there was a gate. The route shows a road but things got all screwed up here.
    N37 31.243 W91 11.097

    Fortunately for us it was open so we slowly meandered through some guys yard. I asked my Honey Bee to take pics while we went through but I guess it freaked her out and she didn't do as I asked.

    This is the guys driveway. Just as we were leaving his property, I'm guessing the owner was coming towards us on an ATV as we approach each other he is looking at us with this completely baffled look on his face. You could read what he was thinking. It was "WTH???" I just waved and kept going. He didn't turn around and chase us so all was good.

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    I love southern MO It's rich in primitive roads. Some see that as a negative. I see that as an overwhelmingly positive thing.

    These old barns are always a favorite of mine. It is also a vanishing part of our landscape as they slowly rot away only to be replaced with metal pole barns

    Enjoy them while you can folks.

    This road followed a nice little creek that was very inviting. N37 20.026 W91 14.199

    I was tempted once to stop and we seriously concidered going in for a dip but our plan was to make it to the current river and go swimming there.

    Some shots of the Missouri landscape. Have I mentioned yet how much I like the MO countryside?

    The gravel never quit and then things got interesting again.

    This road got really primitive. CR 19-25
    N37 19.007 W91 21.465

    It seemed go go on forever. Mostly because we were getting pretty hot and we were really wanting to get to the river and go for a swim.

    I followed my GPS route and it ended here. I did indicate the river was nearby but we first found this old cemetery. N37 14.578 W91 19.440

    There wee some very old gravestones and surprisingly there were some fairly recent ones. We didn't stay long because the gnats were swarming all around us and driving us crazy. The GPS showed the river was nearby so we looked for the fork in the road we had passed earlier.

    Lo and behold The river. Time for a swim. I figured that since it would be later in the afternoon and a Wednesday we'd have the river to ourselves. So I didn't bring a suit.

    Someone forgot to tell that to the Boyscout troop, the couple and a family of 4. I stayed under water so to not offend anyone. I think they all knew what was up though.

    This fixer upper was sitting on the side of the trail. I've got a buddy who might be interested.


    On the way back out we were able to enjoy the ride much more since we were cooled off and refreshed from the dip in the river. The trail didn't seem so long.

    Back out on the roads we took some different routes back home. No less beautiful.

    Did a creek crossing with a tractor in the lead.

    Did I tell you how much I like the Garmin 276C?

    The thing Kicks butt!

    Looks like this area was recently logged.

    Rider Cam at work.

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    Honey Bee started experimenting with the camera angles. We call them ankle shots. Made for some really fun pics and a little different than our Rider Cam pics. I love looking at them.I'm not going to comment on all of them but they all have their own little story to tell.

    OK I have a bunch more of those pics but I think you all got the point.

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    We finally made it back to the Bixby Country store just before closing time so we gassed up and bought an ice-cream and chatted with the proprietor, Bridget, before heading for home. Summer Solstice was the perfect day to go out. The sun didn't set till about 9 PM so we were traveling in the dark for only a couple hours before we made it back home.

    Thanks for coming along and

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    Looked like a great day out. Thanks for posting the pics, I love those trails.

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    Thumbs up

    Great ride report and pics.Thanks!!
    Sometimes,nothing is a real cool hand.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Buzzez
    Thanks for coming along and

    Amen to that!

    Great report.... and photos. Thanks for taking us along.

    Go soothingly through the grease mud, as there lurks the skid demon.
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