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Thread: Is the campsite fee included in the registration?

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    Is the campsite fee included in the registration?

    I was told this was the case. However, while scouring the internet I found the CVE website with a camping registration form specifically for the MOA rally. Reading the form it looks like it only pertains to RVs. Can someone confirm this please?


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    Tent camping is included. RV camping is a different area and costs extra.

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    I also was trying to find information about the "free" camping which is part of the registration fee. That page says keep checking back and there has never been any information updated as far as I can see. Does anyone have any information on this"

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    Included free camping is Thur,Fri,Sat,Sun inside the fairgrounds with a tent.

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    Yep. Camping at the rally site is part of the admission fee. Your admission fee covers admission, camping, your door prize tickets and all the fun you can handle.

    If you show up to VT earlier in the week, we have very, very low fee camping available about 40 miles away at Carmi State Park. That will be an additional fee, paid up there.

    I'm going to try and camp a night in Carmi. It should be a ball.
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