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Thread: How do I secure my R1100RT on a trailer

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    canyon dancer

    I bought one and used it both ways on one trip. Hmm, funny- my right grip's heat output has never been the same since!

    I should sell it. I like Boofer's improvement to my current method, but don't remember the reason I heard about not using the 'dancer.

    I like GeoffMiller's post in this recent thread
    he talks about tying the rims down so as to not need as much compression on the front forks.

    Here's a link to A&S Cycles 'tie-down' page. I printed it after my experience with the Canyon dancer, and keep it with my Pingel wheel chock.
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    Real Key is choice of Trailer & Equipment

    After futzing around with canyon dancers, complex strappage (my homage to AB) and other fiddleDEdiddly nonsense, I wised up - got rid of my Buster/MCN article "approved" trailer and bought a Baxley. (confidential to Buster M - Vic played you like a violin)

    No ft straps/ties at all. Only two from rear angled down and forward. Bike can be ridden onto trailer. Sits firmly. MUCH less movement than a spider webbish, Rube Goldberg contraptions one usually sees. No need for Canyon Dancers or rachet straps - both too very easy paths to motorcycle HELL. Can load and unload safely by myself.

    We trailer our bikes (BMW R100RT - monolever & Honda ST11) 14-16 times/year from home to our Fortress of Solitude hidden in the N GA mountains in an area unknown to all but about 650,000 from S. FL (god bless every single slow driving, wobbling, weaving one of them). On our 5 yr of trailering - 3 with the Bax.

    Yup, its the trailer - not the strappage.

    As for Mr. Dean (great website, thanks!) and his enclosed trailers - you need a pretty stout tow vehicle for those. On the other hand, you can't beat the security. I only have to tow my bikes 2.5 hours each way. If you have or need an enclosed trailer, Baxley & Condor make nice chocks. MCN must be slipping. Recent review of both showed Bax as non-adjustible for ft tire size. They reviewed the Sport Chock which is a dedicated sport bike chock for a specific tire size instead of the Std fully adjustible model.

    Has anyone else noticed the typos, logical inconsistencies and outright wierdness at MCN lately?

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