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Thread: Puppy Dog Ride Week of July 17th

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    short ride

    we had a great time till my GS puked a rear diff bearing about 50 mioles South of Burlington. Great scenery and big cows. 50 people must have stopped and asked if we needed help. One stayed and talked for 1/2 hour. 2 days later I was back on the road thanks to Cliff's in Danbury and Franks in Essex Junction. john shuck 02 GS
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    Is that on a Yellow, blue, red, or orange road ?
    Statdawg - Rt 125 is a red road I believe (no map in front of me), but you turn off onto a graded dirt (Class III/town maintained) for about 1/2 mile to the rally site. The whole dirt road (Goshen/Ripton Road) is shown in brown on the Gap Rides sheet we handed out at Hospitality, and continues north of Rt 125 on Natural Turnpike, and South Lincoln Road - Class IV (not town maintained) Roads. Great riding.

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    Hey Statdawg,

    It was fun doing the PDR with you - stopped by a couple of times looking for your tent, but no luck in finding you there (did see your bike, but nobody could point to where you were).

    The PDR was great fun - and yes, the southern section was the best!

    Hope everyone made it home safe. Here are a couple of shots of our group...

    Take care,
    Bob S.

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