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Thread: Vermont via Canada

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    Vermont via Canada

    My wife and I are leaving Milwaukee area and we are taking the northern Lake Superior route, i.e. Duluth, Thunder Bay . Rather than hitting Sault Ste. Marie we are going to cross Ontario on Rt 101 fro Wawa to Timmins. I am guessing it is 5-6 hrs to cross.

    I'm looking for previous knowledge of anyone taking this route. The web has very little on this route.

    B & K

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    Me too!

    Crossing from California, through there myself. I went that way a couple years back(KLT), but through St.Marie, etc. I want to do the northerm route this time to Cochrane,etc. It looks like a longgggg ride across there, with little service in some parts. Better have a good gasoline supply. I ride with 9 gallon tank, which is helpfull. Sure looks pretty on the map,huh? I understand there is a train in Cochrane,Ont. that takes visitors to Hudson Bay to see the Polarbears! Yeah....I always wanted to do that. The north shore through Thunder Bay and beyond has multiple MOOSE warnings, so riding at night there is spooky. I know, I did some of it. The trucks up there have soooo many lights, they look like trains coming down the highway at ya. For the Moose? Yep....They're MEAN, to. The Moose, not the truckers. If you see one, give it a lot of room, if you're inclined to take pictures. They DO have attitudes(sometimes). Happy Trails,Randy13233 PS; I'm probably coming through that area the weekend before the rally.

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    Guest gas............................longlac

    same thing going between Longlac and Hearst........plan your gas stops, for most of the rest of the route gas is available.

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    Northern Superior route

    Check out the ferry from Manitolin Island. It saves a bunch of time and is a great place to get breakfast/lunch. We didn't have reservations and got front of line, they even have line to tie down you ride.

    The trip around the North side is a very nice ride, at least it was on the way to Trenton in 01.

    We were told to watch out for moose, but never saw any. Maybe we were lucky.


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    Exclamation canadian insurance

    Get a canadian ID card from your insurance company. They don't honor regular state ID's. I understand the fine is stiff.

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