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Thread: Recomendations requested

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    Recomendations requested

    I am thinking of switching bikes. I currently have a K75RT and while it rides nice and I like the lighter weight I need a different riding position.

    The position I like the most is the upright, no lean forward like I had with my old work bike style where I can ride with my arms bent at the elbows. (See avatar) I'd also like more HP and torque as we ride 2 up quite a bit. I definately am looking for a fairing bike with bags, either an RT or LT.

    I have looked at a couple K1200 LT's and the seating position is very good (01 and 02 models) but they are still pretty pricey and I don't need all the bells and whistles that are on the 2 models I saw.

    Here is them main question. Are there any year models I should avoid or peroblems I need to be aware of. I am familiar with the driveline spline issue that seems to plague all the K bikes. Are there others and particular year models to avoid?

    Since I have had my K75 for over 10 years I haven't paid any attention to newer bikes so am very unfamilair with what has been going on with them.

    Any input would be appreciated as I am looking to either get a used BMW or may have to leave the brand entirely to get an affordable bike that provides what we are looking for. Money is most definately an object as we are retired now and on a reduced income. I asked pretty much the same thing in the oilhead section as I am uncertain which model would best suit our needs.

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    Hi, Motorman,
    I'm really happy with the K1100LT. I had one which I put 110k miles on, then bought another one last year (with only 4833 miles!). I like the position, the power, etc. My wife had a '95 K75RT for a while and I liked it, too, but the K1100 has considerably more power. And surprisingly, I got better fuel mileage with the K1100LT than I did with the K75RT. The K75RT ran fine with regular as did the K1100LT, but mid-grade is specified for the K1100LT. Good Luck in whichever you select.
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    Hi Motorman,
    If you do a LOT of two-up riding the 1200LT is much more comfortable ofr the passenger. Driver comfort depends on your size.
    If you ride solo I would probably look for an 1100LT.

    The 1200LT is great two-up bike for the long hauls but is a handful in slow traffic, parking lots etc.

    My $.02 worth
    Roy G.
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