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Thread: KBC helmet fix/ New Rule #7

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    KBC helmet fix/ New Rule #7

    News Flash. Anybody out there purchase a KBC helmet recently?
    I did because I needed a Snell approved helmet for a class I am taking in a couple weeks.
    Anyway, bought a flat black, full face Wolf model. (Flat black to match me Rocksta).
    Bought it over the internet after trying on at a local shop. The helmet had a really bad high pitched wind noise above 25-30 mph. After fooling around with my hand around the thing, I discovered that the noise disappears when the two "rear vents" are covered. They are just short of an inch long. Duct tape to the rescue!
    New Rule Number 7 - Road Test All Future Helmet Purchases.
    Don't winterize; Rounderize!

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    Thumbs up New Rule Number 7- Road Test All Future Helmet Purchases.

    Ok, here's my two cents worth of thought on this subject. Look out world!

    I'm in agreement for road testing a helmet before purchasing and to further the concept, I think that all the helmet manufacturers should offer a money back guarantee (within a specified time frame of course) for any helmet not found to be of full satisfactory "comfort" as ascertained by the purchasee with the advent of "real world" usage.

    Though a helmet may "feel" good upon ones head while standing in a dealer's showroom (regardless of whatever many minutes or hours one wears a helmet within a dealer's showroom), the actual usage of a helmet while riding often changes a person's perception of that helmet.

    I know my purchase of a Schuberth Concept helmet felt great on my head while I was wearing it within the dealer's showroom but, my actual "real world" usage of this helmet has since changed my idea of this helmets overall comfort and value. So, what do I do with this $400.00+ piece of motorcycle safety gear? Sell it on Ebay for less than half of its purchase price? And what do I purchase next, a high dollar Shoei or Arai? The helmet sizes and designs are so vast today (which is a good thing) that many consumers are left to buy and try without return unless a manufacturers defect is found.
    Yes, some people will argue that a helmet "needs to break in" like a new pair of shoes and I would tend to agree to that concept except, we are not talking about a pair of high quality leather shoes (which will often or not feel better when broken in), we are talking about an essential part of a motorcyclists safety gear, and I for one want top protection and comfort for my head! Will I find the helmet of my dreams? I hope so but, in the meen time I am forced to spend big bucks on what "feels" good at the dealer but, often loses that feel good flavor with "real world" usage.

    P.S. anyone interested in buying a slightly used Shuberth Concept? Please let me know.

    To all, ride safe and keep the rubber side down!

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    Or you could go the HOG route....

    Grit your teeth and chant the mantra

    "....Helmets? We don't need no stinkin' Helmets....?

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    I love my Shoei RF 700 as much now as when I bought it 5 years ago.
    Just lucky I guess and haven't dropped it on the ground yet.

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    Hi DDHR1150RT

    I am surprised that the dealer didn't let you take a ride with your Schuberth. My dealer did and although the helmet is noisy I did buy the helmet as for me it fitted right and feels comfy.
    I do need earplugs but I also use plugs on my Shoei RF900 which is a lot quieter.
    But truth be told, I did not testride the Shoei and find it's ventalation wanting, the Schuberth being a 100% improvement.
    You're right, I think that if the helmet doesn't work out you should get your money back or a store credit or so.
    just my 2 cts

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