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    How long do you get out of a headlight? I have installed the second one this summer, (3rd counting the one that was on the bike). I have only 10k miles since may 1st, and dont recall ever going through headlights this fast ever. I am using just a regular 55/60 watt bulb I get from the dealer. No headlight modulator, and I usually run on low beam except at night to see.
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    I usually get well over 20K miles on an H4 bulb. You might try a Philips Vision Plus or Osram Silver Star for increased light from standard wattage.
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    I'm on "only" my second bulb with 39K miles on the bike. The first bulb lasted somewhere around 24K miles if my failing memory serves me correctly.
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    Other than replacing one bulb on my used K bike (~15K,IIRC) I've never replaced a bulb on a bike yet. But then I usually find something I like better before they burn out. (I have 4 "spares" now).
    I'll second Frank's recomend on the Vision Plus's. Have a pair in my Triumph and love 'em. They're going on 15K now.

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