This post was inspired by the Mid-Ohio superbike report. For all y'all folks within driving distance of Grand Rapids, Michigan. We have a great track, Grattan Raceway, at which to see some bike races. The track is in Belding, MI.
Grattan is a 2 mile road course in a lovely country setting.
There were 16 different bike events scheduled at Grattan between April 5th and the end of September. Among them were: AHRMA Vintage races (enjoyed myself that day); Reg Pridemore Advance Riders School; 3 Fast Trax racing week-ends with an advanced riders class on the Friday before - there is still time to get in on the last one on the 26-28th of this month; two WERA events; Ducati club 22nd annual week-end of racing; etc. etc.

The folks who own Grattan don't do diddly squat to promote the events there. I saw some racing for free, one event was $6, another was $15. I have also caught some kick booty go-kart racing (130 mph in the straight!), vintage car races, and there are SCCA and various sports car clubs that race on week-ends.

Check out Grattan at: