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Thread: Cheap Heated Grips1!

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    Cheap Heated Grips1!

    OK, for all of us who didn't get a new bike with heated grips and don't want to pay BMW $200 for them.

    I bought some heating element from:

    They work great, but have a big difference from most heating elements. They have two circuits of elements, one hotter than the other.

    Most systems rely on a large resister to reduce the heat. This is a large dump of your presious AMPs.

    Check them out.

    20-10001 DUAL STAR HEATED GRIP KIT $29.95

    40-19800-000 HEAT-TROLLER DASH MOUNT $49.95

    40-19800-001 HEAT-TROLLER VELCRO MOUNT $59.95

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    I've had a set of Kimpex grips on the VFR for 5 years now.

    I think I paid $25 for them. They work great.

    Dave Swider
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    Oh Heck

    Now you tell me...I coulda had heated grips for $30.

    Damn, I thought I hadda buy this new fancy bike to warm my hands. Live and learn.
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