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Thread: Tires at Rally- Yes

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    Tires at Rally- Yes

    Rob from Arizona Motorcycle Tires WILL be at the Vermont rally.
    As mentioned in previous posts, he has fair prices, good advice, and fun conversation. Be sure to call him in advance to be sure he will have what
    you need at the rally. 781-888-4737

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    Rob, ( aka the Tire Nazi) has probably forgotten more'bout tires than most people will ever know,he is DA MAN! I've had the pleasure of meetin'him,three times,twice at Bike Week,and at Beemerville in Ohio last year,and I make a point of bein'sure I'll be needin'rubber when I'm gonna be where Rob is,else I get him to send me whatever tire I need at the time,he's fair in price,honest,and will have ya in stitches,with his true life adventure stories. I highly recommend him to anyone in need of new tires...

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