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Thread: System Case Latch Removal

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    System Case Latch Removal

    I have bought the inside half of the left system case. The one that is bigger and fits the 1100/1150RT, RS etc. It came without the lock mechanism. I know how to replace the hinges with Kugler Klamps so I can use my existing lid, but how does one remove the latch parts to insert and re-rivet into the new case?

    I've looked all over that bag. There seems to be a small hole on the inside just beneath the handle that appears to be some kind of release mechanism but I don't know what tool to access it or if its even the correct way to get that thing off. I'm not talking about the lock. I'm talking about the WHOLE latch mechanism...handles and all. It is riveted in but no way that I can see to access the rivets on the inside.

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    ... mcgeiver it

    ducktape ... staplegun ... nail gun

    don't go easy on it ... etz built to last

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    I mean, seriously, we just finished riveting the mechanism into the new bag-half tonight. There were some tense moments and thrills & spills and we need to get longer bolts for the hinges but...The rivets are BLIND rivets and you rivet it together from the inside of the bag. The mechanism remains intact throughout.

    We drilled out the old rivets with a cordless DeWalt drill. Then we pulled off the sponge & plastic things over the latches and pulled the mechanism away. We bought the HORRIBLY EXPENSIVE rivet kit (you can find the part number on A&S - it is the $31 kit, not the $13 kit) and a $17 rivet gun and did it up. You might want to pay more than $17 for the rivet gun as we had to disassemble it each time to remove the remaining pin-thing that snaps off the rivet. The rotating head on the rivet gun was a very helpful feature though.

    Was it your right.side bag? It seems to always be the right-side bag. Ebay and used places only ever had left-sides on offer, I swear.

    Good luck!
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