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Thread: New Hampshire

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    New Hampshire

    Went to NH this weekend to meet some people who have good taste in bikes. No, not BMWs. BMW GS's:

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    When in NH on a beautiful day, you could do worse than to hit Mt Washington.

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    More fire and roast pig afterwards. More GS bikes.

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    Covered bridges on Sunday.

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    Little more Vermont dirt on the way home. Last time I did this road it was two in the morning and raining. I had to see it during the day.

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    Originally posted by dizave
    Quick, shut it off! That GS has been idling for 30 seconds too long!

    Sorry, Dave. Cool pics. That Mt. Washington looks like a fun little ride.

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    Here's a strange thing: I lived in New England for 20 years and never actually rode to the top of Mt. Washington.

    Thanks for the pics! Next time I'm back there (2005?), I'll have to do the ride up.

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